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McCormick Place >> Chicago, IL >> October 24-26

Four women in a group

SWE Graffiti Wall

Price: $20,000


Limit: 1

Partnership Type: Branding, Networking

Date: Thursday/ October 24 - Friday / October 25, 2024


Price per partner: $20,000 • Limit: 1 


Located in WE24’s Member Center, this will be an attendee highlight. SWE is creating a space for dynamic and interactive art experience where the attendees help color in a mural with digital spray cans. The mural will be designed with a SWE theme in mind. There will be two display screens, which means up to 8 attendees at once can enjoy the experience. Attendees will not be aware of the final image they are collectively creating until the unveiling at the closing of WE24. This surprise element adds an element of anticipation and excitement to the activity.  

  • Digital spray cans will have the partner logo.
  • Final design will be shared at the closing keynote and celebration.
  • Partner can have a table with employees engaging with attendees.
  • Partner recognition on WE24 website, onsite signage, and social media announcement.

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